Quality Performance at a Lower Cost

If you’re looking to enhance the customer or employee experience of your common areas, offering a stack of hand towels in the washroom or roll of paper towel in the kitchen is a start, but it’s a recipe for product waste and contamination. Take service to the next level—and avoid product waste and germ spread—with multi-fold paper towel dispensers from PROvider®. Our custom multi-fold towel dispensers create a bold, eye-catching way to reach audiences while reducing contamination and controlling towel use in a convenient, cost-effective format.


Multi-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser Features

High Capacity

Single-Service Dispensing

Cost Favorable

Keep it Clean

  • Avoid product contamination with single-sheet dispensing
  • Encourage hand washing and drying with direct-to-surface printing
  • Offer easy access to a sanitary practice

Reach all Customers

  • Braille encoding comes standard
  • Provide easy access to hand towels

Make it Yours

  • Choose a color that works for your brand
  • Display your logo in full color
  • Use the paper product of your choice (accommodates a variety of multi-fold and C-fold options)


Carbon Translucent / Black

Quartz / Graphite

Black / Black

This Solution is Right for You If:

  • You want customers to have easy access to hand drying towels
  • You want a cost-effective custom towel dispenser
  • You want to enhance your customers’ or employees’ experience of the restroom or common areas
  • You’re looking for a branded towel dispenser that can display a full-color logo
  • You need a low-profile towel dispenser that can accommodate a wide range of paper products.

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