Make a Good Impression (And Save Money While You’re at It) 

Essential to any restaurant or business with a break room or kitchen, napkins—and their holders—can be easy to overlook. But napkins don’t have to just be considered commodities. With PROvider® custom napkin dispensing solutions, you can turn the basics into opportunities. Our innovative napkin dispensers help you connect with your audience in unique ways while reducing costs and product waste.

Level Up

Your Restaurant Game will never be the same with Customizable Napkin Dispensers  

Premium quality, adaptable, and space-saving, PROvider® interfold napkin dispensers help you serve customers and cut back on napkin waste.


Custom Napkin Dispenser Features

250-Count Capacity

Single Sheet Dispensing


Keep Your Customers and Employees Happy

  • Make sure customers or employees have access to napkins when they need them
  • Reduce your waitstaff’s trips to the table
  • Provide a sanitary experience with fully covered dispenser
  • Display menu add-ons to aid in upselling

Make it Yours

  • Choose a color option that fits with your brand
  • Display your logo in full color directly on the napkin dispenser’s surface
  • Talk up your brand on a 4” x 6” advertising window

Adapt the Message

  • Swap out print advertisements to promote brand selling points, events, menu items, and promotions
  • Reach a wider audience with customizable messaging


Carbon Translucent / Black

Quartz / Graphite

Black / Black

This Solution is Right for You If:

  • You have a busy establishment and want to spend less time and trips taking napkins to guests
  • You want to offer napkins tableside or in common areas while controlling product waste
  • You want to encourage hygienic practices while protecting products from contamination
  • You want to tell your brand’s story throughout your establishment
  • You need a branded napkin dispenser that allows you to swap out advertisements often

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