Premium. Convenient. Yours.

Today’s customers expect an elevated experience from the businesses they frequent, especially when it comes to hygiene. Reach customers at every touch point with PROvider®’s wall-mounted mechanical tower dispenser. With its easy pull-down and cut mechanism, premium construction, and stub roll features, this customizable towel dispenser allows you to give customers and employees a smooth experience with hand drying while strengthening your branding.


Mechanical Paper Towel Dispenser Features

Easy Pull and Tear Mechanism

Durable Construction


Take It Easy

  • Load and refill without the frustration
  • Low pull force, makes dispensing easy
  • See current paper levels and when it’s empty
  • Stub roll feature allows for 100% of paper to be used

Reach All Customers

  • Improve ease of use with braille encoding on faceplate
  • ADA compliance comes standard

Make It Yours

  • Choose colors that fit your brand
  • Add your (full-color) logo
  • Use the paper product that works for you

View Specs

Carbon Translucent / Black

Quartz / Graphite

Black / Black

This Solution is Right for You If:

  • You want a roll towel dispenser that can adapt to multiple paper options
  • You want customers to have an easier time accessing hand drying towels
  • You want to enhance your customers’ or employees’ experience of the restroom or common areas
  • You want a branded towel dispenser that can display a full-color logo
  • You want a paper towel dispenser that can accommodate both universal and proprietary products

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