Flexible and Long Lasting

You know the drill: a customer or employee grumbles about paper toweling running out (again) and you or one of your employees must stop what you’re doing to go change it. It’s frustrating. We get it. That’s why we offer adaptable, long-lasting center-feed towel dispensers perfect for high-traffic restrooms, kitchens, break rooms, or other common areas. Compatible with numerous paper products, including a proprietary product that extends the lifespan by 3x, these towel dispensers give you a cost-effective way to encourage good hygiene—and plenty of real estate for bold branding.


Center Pull Towel Dispenser Features

Adjustable Nozzle

High Capacity


Save Time, Effort, and Money

  • Replace towels less often
  • Load and refill dispenser easily
  • Use the paper product that works for you. The PROvider Center Pull towel dispenser will run a wide variety of paper sub straights through a single dispenser.
  • Get up to 3x the lifespan of traditional solutions with PROvider® proprietary option

Reach all Customers

  • Braille faceplate comes standard

Make it Yours

  • Choose colors that fit your brand
  • Add your logo with durable digital printing


Carbon Translucent / Black

Quartz / Graphite

Black / Black

This Solution is Right for You If:

  • You want a towel dispenser that lasts
  • You don’t have time to replace towels frequently
  • Your washroom, kitchen, or break room is a high-traffic area
  • You want to encourage hygienic practices
  • You want a bold, branded towel dispenser
  • You need paper towel dispenser that can accommodate a wide range of paper products

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