Get More Out of Your TP

If your restroom sees a lot of traffic, you might already know it: bath tissue costs can rack up pretty quickly. PROvider®’s custom Side by Side bathroom paper holder can help you get more mileage out of your toilet paper without sacrificing the customer experience (or space). Balancing function, experience, and price, this customizable double roll tissue dispenser helps you reduce costs while giving your customers a good experience with your brand.


Side by Side Bathroom Paper Dispenser Features

Double Roll Capacity

Compact Footprint


Save Time, Space, and Money

  • Load and refill with minimal effort
  • Monitor toilet paper levels with visibility window
  • Choose the product that works for you: run universal tissue product up to 6” or a proprietary option
  • Reduce bathroom paper waste with full consumption feature
  • Prevent pilferage with locking dispenser cover

Keep Customers Happy

  • Avoid running out of bathroom paper in busy restrooms
  • Provide a hygienic experience with a fully covered double roll dispenser
  • Offer an accessible, durable bath tissue dispenser
  • Make sure all customers can access product with braille encoding (comes standard)

Leave an Impression

  • Customize your bath tissue dispenser with colors that fit your brand
  • Add your logo in full color with direct-to-surface digital printing


Carbon Translucent / Black

Quartz / Graphite

Black / Black

This Solution is Right for You If:

  • You want to enhance your customers’ or employees’ experience of the restroom
  • You have a high-traffic washroom and need a compact bath tissue dispenser
  • You want a fully covered tissue dispenser that protects products from contamination
  • You want a branded bath tissue dispenser that can display your logo in full color
  • You want to spend less time refilling and replacing bathroom paper products
  • You want to reduce toilet paper consumption at your business

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