High Performance When It Matters Most

Busy restrooms can be hard to manage, but the customer experience shouldn’t have to be. PROvider®’s custom double roll bath tissue dispensers are designed to help you level up the experience of your washroom while reducing stress (and costs) for you. Loaded with premium qualities like a locking, customizable bath tissue dispenser cover and a full consumption feature, this solution is right for any business owner looking to get more mileage out of their tissue paper products.


Double Roll Bathroom Paper Dispenser Features

High Capacity

Low Maintenance


Save Time and Money

  • Spend less time replacing bathroom tissue products
  • Load and refill with minimal effort
  • Monitor paper levels with product visibility window
  • Accommodate two jumbo rolls (up to 9” in diameter)
  • Choose from a stock 2” mandrel or 3” roll adapter to use the product that works for you
  • Reduce toilet paper waste with full consumption feature
  • Prevent pilferage with locking cover

Keep Customers Happy

  • Avoid running out of toilet paper in high-traffic restrooms
  • Provide a sanitary experience with fully covered dispenser
  • Offer an accessible, wall-mounted bath tissue dispenser

Make it Yours

  • Choose colors that fit your brand
  • Add your logo in full color on an the brandable faceplate


Carbon Translucent / Black

Quartz / Graphite

Black / Black

This Solution is Right for You If:

  • You have a high-traffic restroom and want a low maintenance tissue paper dispenser
  • You want to avoid running out of bath tissue in your business’s restroom and need a dual roll toilet paper dispenser
  • You want to spend less time replacing bath tissue products
  • You’re concerned about controlling germ spread and want a more sanitary bath tissue dispensing solution
  • You’re interested in a branded tissue dispenser to reinforce your brand throughout your facility

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