Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser

The PROvider® Line Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser provides ease of use with a cost effective platform. This unit will dispense a variety of C-Fold and Multi-Fold towel products. And to follow suit with the PROvider line, this unit is customizable with your logo and colors for a bold, eye-catching product. Features include:

  • Single service dispensing
  • High capacity
  • Adaptable to accommodate proprietary product size
  • Custom color options
  • Custom logo plate
  • Easy loading
  • Braille encoding

This Folded Paper Towel Dispenser is designed to accept commercial grade standard folded paper towel products. Some universal towel products may not be suitable.

Accepts C-Fold or M-Fold product, depending on the tray included. Fits product size up to 10.125" (25.72cm) in width.

Weight 2.62 lbs (1.18kg)
Dimensions H: 15.89" (40.36cm)
W: 11.76" (29.87cm)
D: 5.34" (13.56cm)
Price $28
with Custom Logo add $1
with Custom Message add $4
Front View
Side View
Isometric View
Carbon Translucent/Black
Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser